Television - Mandy Takkar | Kulwinder Billa | Taj

Taj is the director of the brand-new Punjabi film Television. The film is set at a time when TVs had just entered the Indian market and images couldn’t talk. The movie is produced by Sumeet Singh.

The narrative of Television is based on a time when televisions were less common in homes, as the film’s trailer already made clear. Tv was a luxury at the time and people were attracted by it.

Television - Mandy Takkar | Kulwinder Billa | Taj
Television – Mandy Takkar | Kulwinder Billa | Taj

When the entire community congregates at the lone home with a tv, Tari first encounters Raano. Both of them fall in love at first sight and want to wed. Even Tari manages to craft the ideal message for Raano’s father to receive the marriage proposal.

Since Tari’s mother’s only request for a dowry is a television, Raano’s father, a man of morals who is vehemently opposed to dowry, immediately rejects the arrangement. Then, everything revolves around how the lovers manage to wed, the challenges they encounter along the way, and the lovely message the movie ends with.

The audience had great hopes for the movie because of its stellar star cast.

Television Movie 2022 Star Cast:

  • Mandy Takkar
  • Kulwinder Billa
  • Gurpreet Ghuggi
  • BN Sharma
  • Harby Sangha
  • Seema Kaushal
  • Gurpreet Bhangu
  • Kaka Kautki

Television Movie 2021 Trailer :

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