Bajre da sitta Movie 2022 - Ammy Virk | Tania | Noor Chahal

The approaching Punjabi motion picture Bajre the sitta has extremely created a super excited moment for its release. there’s not one however numerous reasons that create this motion picture a must-watch. .The film stars Ammy Virk and Tania within the leading roles, whereas Noor Chahal is additionally seen as the second lead.

Actors like Guggu Gill, Nirmal Rishi, BN Sharma, Hobby Dhaliwal, Rupinder Rupi, Seema Kaushal, Gurpreet Bhangu and a lot of actors can be seen in supporting roles. The film is written and directed by Jass Grewal and is about to release on 15 th july.

Bajre da sitta Movie 2022 - Ammy Virk | Tania | Noor Chahal
Bajre da sitta Movie 2022 – Ammy Virk | Tania | Noor Chahal

If you’ve got watched the trailer of Bajre da sitta, you too can perceive the explanation behind the exitement and pleasure. The film’s story is not like any other clich love story that we see in every second love story.

Bajre da sitta relies on the life of 2 sisters who want to sing however dominated by society and its norms. It highlights however the movie shows how disrespectful is for a family once females of a family starts to or wants to sing. The movie is full of Associate in Nursing adequate quantity of drama, romance, emotions and thrills.

Bajre da sitta Fatures Ammy Virk and Tania within the leading role. this is often seen in the movie that ammy virk is constantly supporting his lady This is the same pair which we have seen in super hit movie sufna

But now it’s even a lot of special as a result of the characters allotted are distinctive and exceptional. we’ve seen Tania in roles that are soft and wherever she is submissive, however during this film, we tend to really desirous to see however her character is Transformed

On the other hand, Ammy Virk has been seen as giving support to his lady . But here, we tend to excited with the wicked fact of Ammy within the film. the producers haven’t disclosed a lot about Ammy’s character that has additionally created us to assume he’s going to be one who turns the table.

Therefore, the 2 superb actors whom we’ve got vast religion in can star along in this film in some extremely powerful characters. And this is often a giant enough reason to create Bajre DA Sitta a must-watch for the people

The story of Bajre DA Sitta itself is predicated on the musical journey of 2 sisters. Then how we tend to not to expect any musical treat in the movie The trailer of the film has given us enough hints concerning the superb music it’s attending to serve us.

Also, the title track of the film has been released that has place an officer stamp to our high expectations from the music of Bajre DA Sitta. If you haven’t listened to the track it is a must listen song if you have watched the trailer of Bajre da Sitta it shows the must watch character of Guggu Gill’s. the person so is full of talent and expressions. The method he performs any character on screen makes him steal the show even from the leads.

In Bajre da Sitta additionally, Guggu Gill has played the role of an orthodox man with terribly strong opinions. he’s seen as fully against the singing of Tania and Noor within the film and that we ar excited to envision however this clash can evolve to be.

Apart from Guggu Gill, we tend to also are extremely affected with however the characters of Nirmal Rishi, BN Sharma and Seema Kaushal have clad to be. The made supporting forged has created Bajre da Sitta a must-watch movie.

We always see female as a back artist or prop in Punjabi movies but this time we have seen something different, Bajre da Sitta is that the odd one out.

The film not only shows the discrimination that happens with the women in the previous times but also prove to set a cinematic inspiration for women’s empowerment.

It’s once a extremely while once we area unit titillated with this exciting-looking film. Bajre da Sitta begin amusing you within the theaters on 15 th july .

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