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Rochak Kohli’s Biography :

In the realm of Hindi music, Rochak Kohli is a fresh face. He is a vocalist, lyricist, and music director. His 2012 Bollywood debut song, “Pani Da Rang,” is also his most well-known tune. Rochak had his own radio station prior to this. Rochak was born into a legal profession.

His father had urged him to finish his LLB, which he had done. He also went to Chandigarh’s DAV College at this time. At that point, he understood that music was actually more his true passion and career than law. Prior to starting his own company, he was highly involved in theatres as well.

Rochak Kohli
Rochak Kohli

He was a founder member of the two current theatre companies in Chandigarh, Aaghaaz and Manchtantra. Before entering the field of music in Indian cinema, he also made contributions to radio. Vicky Donor was Rochak’s first musical release in 2012. Together with his boyhood friend Ayushmann Khurrana, he co-wrote the song. When Ayushmann performed the song “Panida ring” to the film’s director, Shoojit Sircar, he was playing the lead character in that film. Because of how well received his song was, Rochak was chosen to write the music for the movie.

The physical appearance of celebrities is one of the things that fans worry about most. Physical attributes like height, weight, and eye colour have historically trailed behind others in terms of beauty. We are conscious of it. Rochak Kohli is approximately 5.8 feet tall. He practises yoga and exercise frequently to maintain a great body shape because he is highly health conscious.

Rachak has contributed music to films as well as the documentary “Living with KKR,” which was produced by Shahrukh Khan. His most recent endeavours included work on the films “Nautanki Saala” and “Hawaizaada,” the latter of which marked Ayushmann’s debut as a soundtrack composer. Married and devoted to his family, Rochak enjoys spending his mornings and afternoons with them.

Actor Rochak Kohli is well-known. He has a big fan following on social media.As we are all aware, he frequently posted pictures of himself wearing stylish attire. He like wearing dresses in the colours red, black, and white. Because Rochak Kohli is also very concerned about his health, he only consumes healthy foods and juices. He enjoys eating KFC Burgers, Chocolates, and Ice Cream when it comes to street or junk food.

Rochak Kohli prefers cardio exercises, such as sprints on the treadmill, since he says they help him “calm and rejuvenate.” He also enjoys exercising his legs and biceps. Rochak Kohli has a morning ritual of drinking three to four glasses of warm water, followed by boiled eggs and fruits. For breakfast, he eats cereal and oatmeal. He favours grilled vegetables, lentils, and green salads for lunch. Rochak Kohli consumes the optimal balanced diet of dal-roti-sabzi for dinner rather than rice.

The monthly income or net worth of an individual fluctuates annually.Movies, acting, and brand sponsorship are the primary sources of Rochak Kohli’s income. Although Rochak Kohli’s earnings for the year have not yet been determined, it is expected that he will receive a salary raise comparable to that of 2021.

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