Ajay Gogavale (Biography) - Indian Singer | Music Composer | Director

Ajay Gogavale’s Biography :

Ajay Ashok Gogavale also known as Ajay Gogavale, born on 21 August 1976 is a well known indian singer, music composer and director who works predominantly in hindi and marathi industry and hails from Alandi, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Ajay was born into a marathi family. His father, Ashok Sharma, is an officer in Revenue Department. The composer didn’t have any musical background.

ajay gogavale
Ajay Gogavale

However, Ajay and Atul Gogavale, his brother, made their name in the musical industry. Due to transferable job of his father, the family kept shifting from places to places like Junnar, Shirur, Manchar and Ghodegaon.

Though the family never supported neither they denied, but due to financial issues ,couldn’t buy them instruments, but still the duo continued to persuade their career in music through school, band ,temples etc. When Ajay was in second class , he started experimenting in music and along with Atul won prize in music competition organized by NCC which furthur encouraged him.

After completing his education, he along with his brother, moved to mumbai and started composing music with Atul. The duo won their first award for drama series “Sahi Re Sahi”. Though they worked in duo, along with that Ajay did solo songs too.

Ajay once revealed, when he attended the Indian music reality show, Indian Idol, as a guest judge that he was into smoking which destroyed his vocal cords. Later, the singer quit smoking to persuade his first love, music. The singer is happily married and also has a son.

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